How to keep dyed hair healthy?

We know that there is no better feeling than when we just come out of the hair salon with freshly dyed and blow-dried hair...

May 31, 2022 - 18:09
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How to keep dyed hair healthy?

We know that there is no better feeling than when we just come out of the hair salon with freshly dyed and blow-dried hair. And if we have decided on a more visible change, the pleasure is even greater. However, in order for the excitement to last as long as possible, we must pay attention to how we treat our hair in the weeks after going to the hairdresser. Anyone who often dyes their hair knows that the color is the brightest in the first month, and after this period it gradually fades. Blonde shades become gray or yellow, while red loses its shine, and in order for the desired hair color to stay fresh and shiny for as long as possible, these common mistakes should be avoided:

1. Do not hold the paint longer than instructed

Apart from the fact that this step will definitely affect the damage to the hair, holding the dye longer can cause a darker shade than imagined.

2. Do not wash your hair with hot water

Believe it or not, when you wash your hair for the first time after coloring is less important. On the other hand, the water temperature during hair washing is much more important. Each strand of hair is surrounded by a cuticle that holds the color inside the hair. However, when washing your hair with hot water, there is a danger that this layer of cuticle will open and send off the dye. It is better to wash colored hair with lukewarm or (even better) cold water. That way the cuticle stays closed and the hair color will still be amazing.

3. Do not wash your hair too often

Washing your hair less often also helps keep the color lasting. The lighter the color, the less often you should wash your hair so that you can enjoy it for a long time. Washing your hair once a week is enough for pink, orange or red shades, and in the period between washing, use a dry shampoo. If the hair cuticle is already damaged (e.g. by bleaching or styling with hot tools), the achieved color will fade even faster.

4. Be sure to use hair packs

Since hair loses its quality with every coloring, it needs proper care. Since it is dehydrated and damaged, it needs proteins, which professional packaging usually offers. In combination with amino acids, they regenerate and strengthen the structure of weakened hair.

5. Make sure you always use quality and appropriate products

The shampoo and conditioner you use at home are the most important criteria in determining whether your hair color will last or fade. Some products contain chemicals that have a cleansing effect but act against hair color pigment. That is why it pays off to invest in special care, especially for colored hair. Make sure your hair care regimen does not include products with synthetic ingredients such as sulfate, parabens, or silicone.