How to perform squats properly?

Few exercises are as effective as squats, but if you do them often (or regularly) and the results are lacking, it is possible that you are doing something wrong.

Apr 6, 2022 - 02:44
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How to perform squats properly?

Squats are one of the most effective complex exercises, which means that performing them involves multiple muscle groups.

In addition to the glutes, they also affect the abdomen, lower back and legs, especially the quadriceps, and the effects they have on your body are multiple. By performing this exercise regularly, you strengthen and shape the body, build muscle, lose weight, increase the body's sensitivity to insulin and prevent the development of type 2 diabetes, improve posture and strengthen the heart and lungs. 

If you do squats often or regularly, but you feel that the results are missing, it is very possible that you are doing something wrong, so it is not worse to repeat the most important thing. 

You are not squeezing hard enough

While doing squats, you should include the entire lower body, and the effect will be greater if, while lowering, you additionally squeeze your buttocks, tendons and quadriceps. That way, every squat you do will have a greater effect.

Do squats after cardio

If your goal is to build a bigger, stronger ass, you are sabotaging yourself with this mistake. If your legs are already tired from running, you will not have enough energy left for quality strength training. Even if you do it, the effect will not be nearly the same as if you started fresh.

You are not going low enough

If you want to get the most out of each squat, you need to bring your thighs to a position parallel to the floor (or lower) before heading back into an upright position.

You don’t take a day off

Muscles need time to recover after a workout. If you train tirelessly every day, the pain you feel is not caused by strengthening your muscles, but by tearing your muscle fibers.

You are not adding enough resistance

Ordinary squats are a great exercise for beginners, but if you’ve been doing them for a while and don’t see a change, you should add two-handed or one-handed weights to the story.

You are doing them wrong

Like any exercise, if you don’t do them properly, squats will not only not be effective but you could also get hurt. Remember that your feet should be separated by the width of your shoulders , your knees should not cross your toes, your back should not bend , and your heels should remain on the floor throughout the squat .