How to relieve stress before vacation

Annual vacation is something that we all look forward to and which is often our motivation to complete all other obligations on time so that we can relax, but it can easily become a source of stress if we overload ourselves in advance.

Jul 30, 2022 - 13:13
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How to relieve stress before vacation

It is important to prepare before the trip, so it is good to have a to-do list and check what you need to bring. However, you shouldn't leave everything for the last few days, because then you'll unnecessarily drive yourself crazy and stress yourself instead of being ready to relax. So here are four tips to prevent that from happening.

Plan ahead

Probably the smartest thing you can do is make a to-do list ahead of time and start crossing them off one by one. Of course, this should not be undertaken by just one person, but the responsibilities should be distributed, but the sooner they are done, the less pressure there will be at the end, before the trip itself. The to-do list should refer to the necessities for the trip itself, such as a suitcase, backpack, and valid passport, but also for the entire time you are away, i.e. what you need to pack from clothes and shoes, medicines, sun cream...

Inform colleagues that you will be unavailable

If you can, start your vacation a few days before your trip to get used to not being in the office and not having any business commitments. Inform your colleagues that you won't be there and if necessary assign someone to take on responsibilities that cannot wait, and think about everything else only after you return. It is recommended that you put an automatic reply on your email account, so that everyone knows that you are not there and that you simply do not check it.

Do your final preparations early

There are things that cannot be finished earlier, but there are also those that can - so you can think in advance which things need to be washed, whether you need to buy something new, whether you have someone in charge of watering your plants, whether your pet is traveling with you or someone is keeping it... Prepare foreign currency, check if you can pay by card abroad, and no less important - buy groceries that can be waiting for you in the freezer so that you don't come home without any food.

Relax for a few days before departure

Here we don't just mean trying to tell yourself you're relaxed, but practical actions. If you have done everything else on time, use the day before your trip to listen to relaxing music, read a book, relax with your favorite series, just simply switch off from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and your body will be more ready for rest.

Post by: Rinna James