Interesting life story of Al Capone!

He died on January 25, 1947, at his home in Miami, and his debauched life and callousness continue to inspire many film writers and directors.

Jan 26, 2022 - 05:19
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Interesting life story of Al Capone!

Although he is known as the worst gangster in American history, the infamous mobster has remained a major inspiration to many screenwriters and filmmakers until this day. Dozens of films and TV series have been made about Al Capone, and each of them deals with a different aspect of his personality or some bloody event from Capone's life.

The last in a series is "Capone" from 2020, directed by Josh Trank, in which the famous mobster is played by Tom Hardy. This film deals with the last years of Capone’s life when he returned home after serving a long prison sentence. His mental health wasn't good and that was a result of syphilis he contracted in his youth. His agony ended on January 25, 1947, just after he turned 48 years.

He was born in Brooklyn in 1899 in a poor family of Italian immigrants. His parents had eight children. His father was a barber and his mother a seamstress. As a boy little Al was an excellent student until the sixth grade. Then, out of disobedience, the teacher hit him, and Al returned it. They took him to the principal, who beat him up, and Al never went back to school. The family moved to a better home in Brooklyn's Slope Park, where Al met two important people for his life, his future wife Mary Mae Coughlin, and mafia mentor Johnny Torrio. 

In 1917, Torrio, who moved to Chicago, introduced Capone to a gangster Frankie Yale. This one took him for a bartender and bouncer at the Harvard Inn on Coney Island. There Capone earned the nickname Scarred Face. One evening he threw something inappropriate at a girl, and her brother cut Al's face with a knife. The 1959 film 'Al Capone', directed by Richard Wilson, shows the mafia rise and beginning of young Capone. His patron Torrio is linked to corrupt politicians so that he can freely spread the black market in alcoholic beverages in the age of Prohibition. In this film, Capone is played by Rod Steiger, and the film follows events from that time and conflicts with mafia competitors quite accurately.

The 1975 film "Capone" directed by Steve Carver also deals with this period of his life, but he followed Al until his death. Capone is played by Ben Gazzara, and according to this scenario, he got a scar on his face in a fight in which he flew through the window glass. Two different films, two different stories.