Is it possible to save a marriage after cheating?

Regardless of who committed the adultery, you or your partner, once the damage is done and the truth revealed, the hardest decision comes. Deciding whether to stay together or not.

Jul 20, 2022 - 19:04
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Is it possible to save a marriage after cheating?

One of the hardest things we can face in life is finding out that our partner has cheated on us. The guilt that accompanies you if you were the one who went on an adventure and cheated on your partner can also be equally devastating, in a different way. Regardless of who committed the adultery, you or your partner, once the damage is done and the truth comes out, the hardest decision is on us.

Deciding whether to stay together or not. The choice is there, but how do you know if it's the right one or not? Unfortunately, there is no concrete answer to this question, because each relationship is a story in itself. If you have faced such a situation, we believe that it is certainly not easy for you and you are not sure how to act. Do not worry. We have prepared for you the opinion and advice of two experts on partner relations - from two different perspectives.


World famous psychologist Dr. John M. Grohol is tired of meeting couples who struggle with infidelity. He does not support this type of situation, because his principles dictate that infidelity of any kind is a reflection of disrespect for the partner who in any way allowed himself to engage in deception. His opinion is that infidelity not only is completely against love, but it is a direct sign that the relationship is facing serious, difficult-to-solve problems. In his eyes, a partner who even thinks about cheating, who allows the thought of infidelity to cross his mind has already crossed the line. From his professional experience, a person who has committed adultery, or is considering the possibility, should simply act honorably and end their marriage or relationship as soon as possible, because the chances are high that, with all their efforts, they will not be able to repair themselves and return to their original state. So that would be the most correct decision one can make in such a situation.


Karolina Madden, a therapist, who specialized in the field of marriage and marital relations in California claims that the relationship, as well as the marriage itself after adultery, can be preserved. She has witnessed this many times. Throughout her career, she worked with couples who faced this problem and successfully overcome it. From her point of view, the very act of having an affair is not a concrete reason that leads to divorce.  There are two options from her point of view:

  • The adulterous spouse is not being completely honest about the affair/any cheating that occurred; 
  • Neither partner is able to get over the incidents that happened.

Karolina wants to make it known that the partner who was unfaithful if he really wants to save his marriage, must be completely honest and open about the unpleasant events, as well as show serious commitment to his partner by his actions so that the injured person can have a basis why to give a second chance. Also, the partner who was cheated on, in this case, must also be ready to accept the effort and get over the infidelity both mentally and emotionally, and truly give the partner space to correct his mistakes.


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