Jonah Hill:'I beg you don't comment on my body'

Jonah Hill does not like comments on his appearance, nor his love life. He asked his fans to stop doing that!

Feb 9, 2022 - 17:33
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Jonah Hill:'I beg you don't comment on my body'

Jonah Hill (38) won over viewers with his roles, but the comedian and actor in real life is known as inaccessible and does not like to talk about his private life. In recent years, he has lost weight. Because of his role, he took off 20 kilograms, and many were surprised by his latest change of appearance. The actor was spotted while he was enjoying a beach in Hawaii with his girlfriend Sarah Brady. The actor let go of his beard and hair which turned blue.

The paparazzi photographed him practicing yoga on the beach with his girlfriend. Jonah had been shirtless for a while, so he showed off his tattooed arms and chest. Although he doesn't like to talk about his privacy, the comedian shared a photo on Instagram where he kisses Sarah. 

He wrote in the description that his life is a beach with her. They are madly in love as we can see. He confirmed his relationship with Brady in September last year, and according to American media, the actor's girlfriend is an undergraduate student at the University of San Diego. She chose the field of anthropology of climate change and human solutions. She is involved in surfing and photography and is an activist. Over the years, Jonah has been associated with several beauties. The most famous of them was  Rita Ora.

By the way, a lot of comments were made on the actor's appearance after he lost weight, which bothered him. He stated that he knows that fans want the best for him, but he begged them not to comment on his body. Whether bad or good, he politely asked them and said that he doesn't feel well when he sees that comments.

Recall, he once weighed 250 lb and was recognized as “that chubby actor“. In recent years, his body drastically changed and he lost a lot of weight. Now, many would like people to praise them for their transformation, knowing that they must have put a lot of work into it. But that’s not the case with Hill. He said that he consulted with a trainer and a nutritionist. He changed his diet and ate mainly sushi. He is also training Brazilian jiu-jitsu, and described it as “humbling.”

The actor decided to put the line in order, so he lost over 60 kilograms, but he did not stop there. He also added tattoos and dyed his hair blue. His transformation is in every aspect.