Kate Beckinsale claims her high IQ is "handicap" in acting career

In an interview, actress Kate Beckinsale revealed to radio host Howard Sorn that she has an IQ of 152, and claims that it wasn't helpful in her Hollywood career

Kate Beckinsale claims her high IQ is "handicap" in acting career

Photo Credits: Profimedia

The actress claims she was on an IQ test when she was younger, and that it was initiated by her mother.

"Do you realize that's almost Einstein level?" said Kate Beckinsale to the radio host after her mother revealed that her IQ was 152.

"Every doctor, every person I've ever met, said, 'You'd be much happier if you were 30 percent less intelligent," Kate explained. "It's not really doing me any good. It's really not helpful to me in my career. I just think it might have been a handicap actually," she added.

Kate, by the way, was educated at the prestigious Oxford College, where she studied French and Russian literature. In addition, she can speak fluent Russian. However, she gave up studying so she could fully dedicate herself to her acting career.

She was born in London but moved to the United States in the late 1990s.

By: Helen B.