Khloé Kardashian in shock over Tristan

Khloé Kardashian is shocked after learning that Tristan Thompson could have a child with another woman KIM KARDASHIAN'S SISTER CAN'T BELIEVE WHAT HAPPENED TO HER DAUGHTER TRUE'S FATHER

Dec 8, 2021 - 16:23
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Khloé Kardashian in shock over Tristan

Tristan Thompson and Khloé Kardashian still can't find peace. The celebrity and her ex-partner have always had a relationship that could be described as stormy or at least complicated, not even the fact of becoming parents of little True three years ago brought tranquility to their home. 

Now it seemed that after much searching they had finally found a balance between them, and it was even rumored that they were thinking of giving their daughter a baby brother. Nothing could be further from the truth


The basketball player has been involved again in a scandal and the commotion has not been long in coming. Thompson has never been known for being loyal to his partners, and the sister of Kylie and Kendall Jenner has just learned of the umpteenth infidelity on the part of her boyfriend. The thing does not end there, and it turns out that the basketball player's affair could have had unexpected consequences and now it has been discovered that he has had a new child as a result of that relationship. 

A source close to the star of 'Keeping up with the Kardashians' has assured 'People' magazine that Khloé "was upset to learn that he had cheated on her again" and still "cannot believe" that he became a father again. 

Although True's parents do not currently have a romantic relationship, they did when it all happened. 
Last March the athlete could have had a relationship with personal trainer Maralee Nichols, who gave birth to her son last week. The magazine 'People' has had access to court reports in which the coach claims to Thompson the maintenance of the child and other expenses derived from the pregnancy and delivery. 

The player, for his part, has requested a paternity test although he has admitted that he had relations with Maralee at least once. 

According to the news portal 'TMZ,' Tristan Thompson actually maintained a parallel relationship with the mother of his new son for at least five months and ensures that the athlete offered her money to buy her silence.

This new baby would be the third child for Khloé's ex, who in addition to True has another child, Prince, four years old, the result of his relationship with Jordan Craig.


The relationship between Khloé Kardashian and Tristan Thompson has always been characterized by their comings and goings, but after some infidelities on the part of the athlete, the celebrity decided to give him a new chance.

She thought that this time everything would be different and came to express her desire to be a mother again in the family reality show 'Keeping up with the Kardashians' making it clear that she wanted Tristan to be the father of her future baby.

The third Kardashian sister knew that her pregnancy would be risky so she decided to bet on a surrogate and the new basketball player scandal has been a hard blow for her.