Lilly James in a new role: She is the the sex symbol of the 90s

Feb 3, 2022 - 05:02
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Lilly James in a new role: She is the the sex symbol of the 90s

The story is spinning around a sex video of Pamela and Tommy leaking to the public and the sex scandal that followed. The recording was stolen from the home of Pamela and the famous rocker and caused an unprecedented sensation in 1997.

Critics are already writing that Lily James fully embodies the role of sex symbol of the 1990s. Not only the public is delighted with her transformation but so is the whole team. Set hairdresser Barry Lee Moe remembers watching Lily in the form of Pamela on the monitor: “Lily’s performance was at its peak. If you watched the side of the video by side, it was hard to determine who Pamela was and who Lily was. That means we succeeded. It was fun to see that transformation, ”he said. He added another startling fact - that Lily's transformation into Pamela lasted a full four hours every day.

Since the Internet is full of pictures of Pam and Tommy, they had a lot of visuals from which they could get the details they needed. "We did everything we needed to turn Lily into Pam," said David Williams, one of the people in charge of the transformation. For Pamela Anderson's hair, he said that "beauty meets chaos" and Lily wore as many as four different wigs on the set. Pam's eyebrow spacing in the 1990s was also carefully measured when ultra-thin eyebrows were in vogue, and in order not to have to pluck her own, make-up artists made eyebrows most similar to the ones Anderson had.

Special attention was drawn to the scenes in which Lily runs along the beach in a legendary swimsuit from the Rescue Service in which she looks the same as Pamela. Lily wore artificial silicones and tried almost 40 breast prostheses to embody the role of the fatal Pam as authentically as possible, and for the same smile, she wore acrylic dentures.

"She has no intention of watching that horrible series. Absolutely never. She's never heard of actors playing her and Tommy and she doesn't want to meet them. She and her family think it's a pathetic show. The whole thing is a joke to them," said Pamela's close friend. But Tommy doesn't seem to think so.

"I know Sebastian who plays me. From what he told me, it’s a really nice story. I think a lot of people have their own opinion about this event, and it's actually about privacy and how things went crazy then. Now there are different laws. The story is actually great. What actually happened was not exactly the way people talk. It was wild and I feel like it happened a long time ago. But it’s a cool story and people need to find out. I'm happy with the story, "Tommy Lee told Entertainment Tonight.

Recall, Pamela and Tommy were married in 1995 after dating for only four days, and the divorce followed three years later. They have two children together, Brandon Thomas and Dylan Jagger.