Lucifer is the best tv show of the year 2021

Lucifer took the place of the best tv show of the year 2021. With streaming time of 18.3 billion minutes across the year.

Jan 31, 2022 - 12:34
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Lucifer is the best tv show of the year 2021

Despite Squid Games being the show internet couldn’t stop talking about we could even say phenomenon which clocked 16.43 billion minutes of viewing time it seems that Lucifer took the place of the best tv show of the year. With an impressive streaming time of 18.3 billion minutes across the year.


In this show we see the Lord of Hell getting bored and deciding to take a vacation in the City of Angels. Lucifer Morningstar (Tom Ellis) decides to open up a club called Lux and manages to have a good time on Earth but,  as you could imagine one does not simply walk away from the position of Lord of Hell that easily. God, hisfather wants Lucifer back in Hell and sends his brother Amanediel to take Lucifer back. As we could imagine he has no intention of going back since his life on Earth is much more exciting. In the end, the real plot of the story begins when one of Lucifer’s human friends ends up shot and dies in his hands. This leads Lucifer to meet detective Chloe Decker (Lauren German) and to start working with LAPD as their consultant.


This show did survive some drama and had a difficult path on its way having not one cancelation but two.

Firstly show was canceled after the third season by Fox. Since it was out of nowhere cancellation fans were quick to share their love for the show by sharing #SaveLucifer which became the #1 trending topic, and #PickUpLucifer on Twitter. Fortunately, as we know fans have been heard by the streaming house Netflix which picked up Lucifer for the fourth season. After the fourth season, we got the news about the fifth and the last season of the show. Fortunately, Netflix changed their decision and fans got another season of this beloved show.

The perfect ending

Lucifer is one of the rare tv shows to only get better and better as the years pass by, with writers and actors outdoing themselves season by season. This is most evident in seasons 5B and 6 which were released in the period of only a few months after each other. In the last seasons, we get to see amazing character growth, answers to long-awaited questions, and possibly something that is rarely accomplished and that is probably the greatest series finale. The show managed to tie up all storylines of all the characters we encountered during the length of the show.

The show’s legacy

In the end, we can say that Lucifer did manage to leave us with some important messages.

Lucifer showed us how much self-acceptance and love are important in our entire life, that redemption and second chances are possible. All of those aspects made an incredible loving fanbase behind itself and we allways can bige watch it again on Netflix.  Yes, 2021 had many great shows but Lucifer did deserve its title of the most streamed and best tv show of the year.