Marvel's short, animated film: "The Daywalker"

"The Daywalker" is the latest in a series of short films that tell the stories that led to the creation of the Midnight Suns superhero team.

Dec 8, 2022 - 06:43
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Marvel's short, animated film: "The Daywalker"

The Marvel Cinematic Universe - or MCU for short - is the name for 22 movies featuring comic book characters. Each film is a story on its own, but the actions are also interwoven, in order to encompass a much wider story. It's a technique that Marvel veteran Stan Lee also used when writing scripts for comics. The MCU is the most successful film franchise of all time, grossing over $18.2 billion.

This time Marvel launched an animated short film called "The Daywalker". This film is the latest in a series of short films that tell the stories that led to the creation of the Midnight Suns superhero team. This is actually a promotion for the new Marvel video game, but while we wait for Disney to figure out how to make the next Blade movie we can enjoy this one. "The Daywalker" is the fourth of five short films that explain how and why the heroes of the Midnight Suns united to take on Lilith aka the Mother of Demons. The first film explored the origins of Lilith, while the second brought Magik and Scarlet Witch into the team. A few weeks ago, Ghost Rider had its turn for a third animated short.

In "The Daywalker", Blade finds himself under attack by an army of vampires. Even as the vampires close in, Blade isn't worried. That is because he quickly kills them, pulling out new, deadlier weapons for each kill. When the Caretaker emerged from the portal at the end of the battle, he almost decapitated her too—but expertly stopped his blade on her neck. Then, when she asks him to join the Midnight Suns team, he gives a surprisingly quick response.

Zach Bush, who is the author of this short film explained that Blade has a long history with the Caretaker or Sara. “After years of 'losing' himself to the vampiric beast within, Caretaker helped him regain control to become the Blade we know and love (and that vampires fear and hate). She's one of the few people he respects, and that's mostly because the feeling is mutual.” added  Zach.

The short animated film "The Daywalker" was created and animated by Sun Creature Studio and DIGIC Pictures.


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