Matilda De Angelis: The famous kiss with Nicole Kidman

Matilda de Angelis (26) became famous for her role in the series "The Undoing" in which she kissed Nicole Kidman!

Jun 29, 2022 - 18:58
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Matilda De Angelis: The famous kiss with Nicole Kidman

The young Italian actress Matilda De Angelis had notable roles in Italian cinema, in films such as ‘Coco’, ‘Motori Ruggenti’ and ‘I ragazzi dello Zecchino d’Oro’.

Hot scenes with the famous Hollywood actress have been talked about for a long time, and Matilda revealed in an interview how she felt while filming scenes with her beloved Nicole Kidman, who is her idol. “Woof. I liked it. I was so proud” - she said. Everyone says that she is the heiress of one of the most beautiful women in the world, the legendary Monica Bellucci.

"I never went to acting school. But I think I realized I wanted to be an actress when I saw my first film coming out, and I felt so happy and excited. It was a big breakthrough for me, and I wasn’t fully aware of that. And then I realized, I'm so happy and I want to do this job for the rest of my life," she said in an interview.

Many admire Matilda's talent and beauty, and natural appearance, and applaud her for showing herself in the right light on Instagram, without using Photoshop. Matilda is in a relationship with actor Pietro Castellitto, and the Italian media declared them one of the most beautiful young couples on the local public scene.

On many online and magazine lists in Italy, Matilda de Angelis was named the most beautiful and sexiest young actress in that country. The moment that drew the world's attention is the kiss between the young Italian actress and Nicole Kidman, as well as the scenes in which Matilda appears naked.

Although the beauty and charm of Monica Bellucci are probably unsurpassed in the film industry, when we talk about beauty, we must understand that her perception changes from year to year, and the young actress Matilda shows that very well.

She is currently popular worldwide, and Matilda de Angelis used that to speak openly about her struggle with anorexia. Although in front of the camera she seems to be full of self-confidence, behind it was something she had struggled with for years. "For me, anorexia was the way I see myself. It was a drastic way of saying - I'm here, look at me," she said in an interview.

Post by: Rinna James