Mike McInnes' honey diet will melt you!

Research has shown that with a teaspoon of honey before bed you could wear a smaller confection number after only 3 weeks, so we researched everything you need to know about Mike McInnes' honey diet.

Mar 16, 2022 - 02:44
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Mike McInnes' honey diet will melt you!

How can something sweet and sugary help you lose weight? Well, according to founder and nutritionist Mike McInnes, it all comes down to the metabolic power of honey. He discovered that honey causes changes in your metabolism, thanks to which you will not succumb to that annoying craving for sugar that we all feel regularly, and it even helps burn fat while you sleep!

McInnes says the secret to a honey diet is to replace sugar with honey. The natural sugars found in honey make it an almost perfect weight-loss food, which means you can still enjoy family meals, snacks, and treats that are usually forbidden in other diets as long as you replace sugar with honey during the day and add a great spoon of honey to a warm drink before bedtime. 

The honey diet works so well because the body burns more fat during the first few hours of sleep than at any other time, including exercise. This, along with eliminating refined sugar from your diet, which is a step that would rebalance brain signals that tell us we need more sweets when we start to feel a drop in energy from refined sugar, could lead to amazing results for your body.

What is allowed to eat?

1. Replace sugar with honey

Eliminate all sugar, including sweeteners, using honey as an alternative. Start the day with honey in hot water, replace sugar with honey in tea and coffee, in cereals, and throughout cooking throughout the day. If you like snacks, try spreading honey on wholemeal toast or wholemeal cracker or adding a teaspoon of honey to natural yogurt. Most importantly, don’t forget to drink some warm water with one or two tablespoons of honey 30 minutes before bed.

2. Choose unrefined carbohydrates

Refined white flour found in white pasta and white rice can cause blood sugar spikes. Wholemeal bread, pasta and brown rice are rich in fiber, so they are good for your digestion, and they need more time to process in your body, so you feel full longer. Make sure integral carbohydrates make up less than a quarter of your meal and fill your plate with protein and vegetables. Try to eat beans and lentils as often as possible instead of potatoes and bread.

3. Protein, protein, protein

If you have protein in every meal, you will feel full longer and avoid blood sugar spikes that lead to cravings for the same. Choose protein sources such as fish (not breaded or in batter), chicken (skinless), pork (fat-free), beef (steak or minced meat with 5% fat) or eggs. Don’t forget plant proteins such as hummus, peanut butter, lentils, beans, and legumes!

What is forbidden?

1. Say goodbye to junk food

This diet only works if you avoid the empty calories present in processed foods. So, in addition to avoiding sweet snacks such as cakes and cookies, you will also need to eliminate chips, diet sodas, fried foods, processed foods (anything in the package), takeaways and pastries.

2. Carbohydrate-free one day a week

Set aside one day a week to completely stay away from carbs. That means a day without bread, pasta, flour, potatoes, rice and cereals. A day without carbs will not be easy, but sticking to fruits and vegetables, meat and fish, not forgetting eggs, yogurt, nuts and seeds, will not be so difficult.

3. Goodbye potatoes

Since it is the most likely culprit for increasing insulin levels in your body, a honey diet recommends avoiding potatoes in any form.