Movie Volcano On NETFLIX

The descriptions of the accident are terrifying...

Dec 26, 2022 - 15:45
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Movie Volcano On NETFLIX

Even though the unfortunate victims were wearing garments, the deadly gas scorched their skin.

The film's production included top Hollywood figures such as Ron Howard and Leonardo DiCaprio as executive producers. It's not unexpected that it's at the top of the rankings.

It was meant to be a pleasant trip; on December 9, 2019, New Zealand has the so-called A white island, which includes a volcano that is prone to eruptions; nevertheless, who would have predicted that it would be active at the exact moment when forty visitors and many experienced guides would visit it?

True, one of the tourists warned that the moment they landed on Whakaara, as the island's locals call it, was a vital point for the eruption, but she also didn't take herself seriously.

Unlike Hollywood catastrophe films, this is a documentary constructed using cell phone video and audio records, and the commentators are survivors of the trauma.

The tragedy was described as terrible; the poisonous gas scorched the victims' flesh despite their clothing, and two of them were never discovered.

Rory Kennedy directed the film extremely effectively; at first, it only uses close-up images of the victims to explain what happened to them at the end: the eruption lasted barely two minutes, and the recuperation of the injured is still ongoing.

There are also frightening scenarios, such as when a young guy was forced to abandon his parents in order to save himself, and his sister was never discovered.

The film's production team included top Hollywood personalities such as Ron Howard, Brian Grazer, and Leonardo DiCaprio, among others. It is not surprising that the film is at the top of the Netflix ranking and that some people have watched it multiple times.

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