Movies that made the most money in 2022!

James Cameron's "Avatar" sequel managed to register, despite not premiering until December 16. As expected, Marvel's superheroes found a place, but also two Chinese films.

Dec 27, 2022 - 17:10
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Movies that made the most money in 2022!

We present the most-watched films in world cinemas in 2022:

"Top Gun: Maverick" (about $1.489 billion)

Tony Scott's sequel to the 1986 classic received rave reviews, and its success could be attributed to a number of factors. 

One of them is certainly the status of Tom Cruise as one of the most famous actors of the "old guard" who still attracts viewers to cinemas. There is also the fact that the sequel was filmed decades after the original and that there are many who would like to see the beloved characters from the cult film in new adventures, as well as the fact that there are never too many good old action movies.

In any case, the great success of "Maverick" is in agreement with the evaluations of the audience and critics. The film even surpassed 2018's Mission: Impossible to become Tom Cruise's highest-grossing film at the global box office.

Director Joseph Kosinski, who previously collaborated with the actor in the unfairly neglected film "Oblivion" from 2013, created a real drama and a thrill ride, which touched the hearts of nostalgic people, but also confirmed that times are changing. 

"Jurassic World: The Rise" ($1.003 billion)

Far less praise was given to the last installment of the "Jurassic World" saga, but it still achieved enviable success at the box office.

This franchise became the tenth in the history of cinema that earned more than six billion dollars.

Many will agree that a film with a poor script was made just to make money and that it does not have much "soul". 

What is perhaps worse, such a big success at the box office will probably ensure that at least one more sequel to the dinosaur saga will be made, even though its creators have long been out of new ideas for it.

"Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness" ($955.8 million)

Marvel fans were disappointed by the new phase in the existence of that universe, a flood of TV series and mediocre releases, after which even the most ardent fans had to admit that there was a fatigue of superhero material. 

This feeling was also contributed by "Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness", the creation of horror master Sam Raimi, which was neither "strange", nor "crazy", nor "multiverse" enough.

Marvel will still be mentioned on this list, as this is certainly not their worst performance in 2022. 

"Little Ones: The Beginning of Gru" ($939.4 million)

Imperfect and certainly not as charming as the previous installments of the franchise, the animated film "The Little Ones: Gru's Beginning" can still make you laugh. 

"Avatar: Path of Water" ($889 million and more..)

The expensive sequel to the film "Avatar" is in fifth place, although it did not start showing until December 16.

This achievement took the 11th place in terms of earnings during the opening weekend in the history of cinema, and the third after the outbreak of the pandemic, after the films "Spider-Man: The Road of No Return" and the aforementioned "Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness". 

Earnings are estimated to double by the end of next month.


Post By: Vanessa F.