Mustafa Mert Koc took an important step in his career

Mustafa has been on the sets since 2015

Jul 23, 2022 - 10:59
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Mustafa Mert Koc took an important step in his career
Mustafa Mert Koc is one of the young actors who attracted a lot of attention in the popular TV series Benim Adim Melek / My name is Melek, which lasted 2 seasons on the Turkish national channel TRT1 and attracted a lot of interest. Born in 1994 in Ankara, Mustafa has been on the sets since 2015 and has appeared in seven roles so far.
Mustafa Mert Koc, who stepped on the set with the TV series called Yeter, drew attention to himself with the character of Onur, which he portrayed in the TV series Hayat Bazen Tatlidir / Bitter sweet life. The young actor, who appeared as the character of Omer in the series Benim Adim Melek after the series Sahin Tepesi / Falcon Crest, gave a very notable performance and reached a large fan base even outside the borders of Turkey. Mustafa and Rabia Soyturk were partners in this production and became one of the couples that fans of the series liked because they were very compatible on stage and had great energy.
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Mustafa was not involved in any other project after the end of the popular TV series Benim Adim Melek, which had its finale two seasons ago. The actor, who preferred singing and music instead of acting steps in his career, released a new album. The young actor, who is in love with his colleague Melissa Asli Pamuk, experiences the excitement of his new step in his musical career, and as they both point out, the love of the two young actors continues even stronger. When asked about his album, Mustafa stated:
"We got together and had dinner to celebrate it, I'm happy it came out. After that, it's up to people to listen and share their impressions. We recorded a very pleasant music video for the song. We recorded it back in April, we had some problems, but we successfully solved them."
There is also an option for Melissa Asli Pamuk to be in the video of one of the songs of his new album. Mustafa Mert Koc said that he would very much like his girlfriend to be in one of the videos. This young man also stated that the song he wrote for his beloved will welcome his fans in the winter months and that he can't wait to hear their impressions.
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