Navagio - world's most beautiful beach

This Greek beach was named the best in the world

Jun 11, 2022 - 12:14
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Navagio - world's most beautiful beach

To the northwest of the island of Zakynthos is a hidden bay, with a very amazing beach, which, thanks to the wreck of a ship and excellent marketing, has become one of the most famous beaches in the world. The sandy beach is located on the opposite side of this Ionian island. The blue of the Ionian Sea is perfectly visible when the bay is sunny, and it works even more magically when the beach is in the shade. The white sand, the old wreck, and the high cliffs that surround the beach are part of the unforgettable scenes.

Every day, boats depart from the largest tourist places on the island, leading day trips with cruises, and their final destination is the ultimate short visit to this magically beautiful beach. The island is known for its coastal caves, and famous turtles, but every visitor of Zakynthos will still remember this corner of the Mediterranean for its Navagio beach.

Tens of thousands of tourists visit this place every year, and in recent years, very picturesque happenings have been organized here, such as weddings, banquets, and even business meetings. Adrenaline lovers consider this beach an ideal destination for high-altitude entertainment. Namely, in recent years, tandem and individual parachute jumps have been organized from the cliffs above the beach, with magnificent photography, and in mid-August, a fun competition in this sport has been organized. At the same time, this is the only way to get to Navagio beach from the mainland, as it is only possible to reach it by sea. Adventurers who most often discover the beauties of Zakynthos by driving on it and searching for a beautiful ambiance, often park above Navagio beach in a desire to enjoy the amazing view. Witnesses often mention romantic sunsets.

Until a few decades ago, the beach was most often named after Saint George, but the new name came to life in early 1981 (some sources also mention 1980), when this place was a meeting place for some new "modern pirates". In that year, the police chased around the island for one of the ships that smuggled alcohol, cigarettes, wine, and even slaves, but the chase, and even the smuggling ship called Panagiotis, fell into a big storm and the ship ran aground right on the most beautiful city of Zakynthos. At that time, no one even dreamed that an ugly wreck could become a tourist attraction and probably the most famous shipwreck on a beach in the world. The beach was named Shipwreck - in Greek Navagio, while internationally known as Shipwreck beach.

In recent decades, the beach has suddenly become a favorite among tourists coming from the west. Its scene was found in most tourist catalogs and brochures. Numerous reports, TV shows, and music videos have been published about it, and all the top lists of European beaches list it as one of the most beautiful. Navagio is a trademark of Zakynthos, but also of Greece.