Neil Patrick Harris in a Netflix gay comedy you'll love!

Actor Neil Patrick Harris is the star of Netflix's upcoming gay comedy that will make you laugh out loud, regardless of your sexual orientation.

Jul 19, 2022 - 03:48
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Neil Patrick Harris in a Netflix gay comedy you'll love!

Just by looking at the trailer, it appears to be a cute, comedic spinoff of Sex and the City, but this time aimed to gay men.

Neil Patrick Harris is in his forties in New York, he just ended a long relationship and now he is learning how to date again. He goes out to clubs, uses dating apps, and sends nude photos of himself- for the first time in his life. We must admit that it sounds interesting! The series is called 'Uncoupled', and its main protagonist, Michael Lawson, thought he had 'saved his own life', but he was very wrong.

Michael is a real estate agent. A wealthy gay man living in Manhattan. He had a long relationship, since his 17th year, a close circle of friends, a great career, and an almost settled life. All that changes when his partner decides to leave him. Almost overnight, the main character of this comedy-drama must face two of his biggest fears - how to get over the loss of the person he considered his soulmate, and how to date again in the gay world now that he's entered into his fifth decade.

If you like comedies and dramas, and you are open-minded, this is the right thing for you. These are light series that will shorten the summer.

Recall, Neil Patrick Harris was born on June 15, 1973, in Albuquerque, New Mexico. His parents were lawyers and ran a restaurant. He excelled in school and began his career as a children’s acting star. His first adult role was in the film ‘Animal Room’ in which, ironically, he played a teenager. 2005 marks the start of the first season of the popular comedy series ‘How I Met Your Mother’, in which Harris plays the great seducer, Barney Stinson.
The plot is already very well known: in 2030, Ted Mosby tells his children how he met their mother, while the plot follows the crazy adventures of his friends Marshall, Robin, Lily, and Barney. Most of these actors gained world fame by embodying their characters in the series, so viewers met Barney Stinson as a real womanizer who loves suits and strip clubs, and absolutely no one accepted the possibility that in real life Neil Patrick Harris, in fact, doesn't like women.

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