The documentary 'Our father' arrived on Netflix!

You will be horrified by the bizarre film about the doctor who replaced the donor's sperm with his own.

Jul 19, 2022 - 04:17
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The documentary 'Our father' arrived on Netflix!

The film is called 'Our Father'. At the center of the story is Dr. Donald Klein, once a prominent fertility doctor in Indiana, USA. This film is based on a true event.

Dr. Donald Klein from Indianapolis was considered an expert in the field of assisted reproduction, and hundreds of women from various cities came to his office. Some of them were amazed and said that the doctor was always "cold and reserved", and that he had crosses and quotations from the Holy Scriptures everywhere in the office. 
One by one, they managed to stay pregnant and give birth to healthy children. Among them was Dr. Klein's house friend who had twins. In a long career, hundreds of women have been treated and thought they were getting sperm from their husbands or anonymous donors. But the truth was terrible - the doctor impregnated them all with his own. He would leave them in the office and go to another room, where he would masturbate and then take a sample from himself.

During the 1970s and 1980s, Klein replaced donor sperm with his own, without the knowledge and consent of his patients. As a Bible-quoting religious fanatic, he wanted to create a city full of his own children. His intentions were revealed later in the film.

The documentary follows Jacob Ballard and her many discovered siblings. The thing is that all of them are the biological children of the Doctor. Klein's crimes were discovered when Ballard took a DNA test and discovered she had seven half-siblings. Later she found that there were almost a hundred of them.

This documentary horrified the audience and the public. The verdict that was handed down to him at the end of the documentary - perhaps horrified the audience even more than the act itself. We must agree that the act is called sick but with reason.

Post By: Vanessa F.