New photos of Angelina Jolie worried everyone

Angelina Jolie is currently shooting her new film in Italy. She weighed only 35 kilograms, and the new photos worried everyone.

Jun 17, 2022 - 12:05
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New photos of Angelina Jolie worried everyone

Angelina Jolie was spotted on Monday filming her new directorial project, the film ‘Without Blood’.The 47-year-old actress was filmed in an airy white outfit and she covered her face with a black mask as she hung out with the production team on a farm in Crispian, Italy.In a sleeveless T-shirt, Angelina showed off her incredibly skinny arms and worried the public again.

For the first time, the public began to notice a drastic change in her weight at the time she was divorcing Brad Pitt. She became the target of criticism, and everyone wondered why she turned her ‘healthy line’ into one that looks just not like that. At a height of her 170 centimeters at one point, she reportedly weighed only 35 kilograms.

The actress then justified herself by saying that her appearance was the result of stress because, in addition to her divorce from Brad, she was also affected by her mother's death during that period.

In the family of the acting star, several generations have tragically passed away due to the consequences of cancer, among them Angelina's mother, aunt and grandmother. In 2013, the media reported that Angelina underwent a double mastectomy, specifically the removal of both breasts due to the possible development of malignant tissue. Two years later, she removed her ovaries and fallopian tubes. She always spoke openly and publicly about her decisions, and for Time she once recounted a situation from the time when her mother was ill.

The headlines about her weight still didn't stop, but she didn't pay too much attention to them. And then in 2017, she spoke for the first time about the serious illness she was facing. Namely, she revealed that traumatic events from the past, such as a complicated relationship with her father, the death of her mother, and then a failed relationship, contributed to a rare disease that many heard about for the first time - Bell's palsy. It is a disease that paralyzes a part of a person's face. She has managed to regain a few pounds in recent years, but recent photos have again given cause for concern.