New recipe: Sweet and warm buns!

Sweet and warm buns will melt in your mouth, and if you combine them with chocolate or jam, preferably homemade ones, the taste will immediately take you back to childhood!

New recipe: Sweet and warm buns!

Photo Credits: Unsplash/Dean Brierley

Buns with chocolate or homemade jam will instantly fill your home with a sweet scent and childhood memories. Buhtle are one of our favorite puff pastry desserts, not only because they are irresistibly fine, but also easy to prepare. They are also great for beginners who have not yet encountered leavened dough, but also for gastronomic masters who will prepare buns as a joke. 

Homemade buns are easy to prepare. You only need to know a few simple tricks to prepare the perfect homemade buns with chocolate or jam. First, make sure that all the ingredients for the buns are at room temperature, only the milk should be warm to make it easier to activate the yeast. When it comes to the yeast itself, fresh is always a better option. Activate it in milk and a little sugar and add to the main mixture.  You can replace some of the milk with cream to make the bun batter even softer, and you’ll know it’s perfectly blended when it stops sticking to your hands.

The dough should be soft at the same time, but also elastic and smooth. Care should also be taken not to knead it for too long because then it will be harder to double in volume and be more compact.  Fill the buns with chocolate or jam. Traditionally, buns are filled with homemade plum jam, and they are also great if you complete them with apricot jam.