New scandal: What has Mason Greenwood done?

Jan 30, 2022 - 14:19
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New scandal: What has Mason Greenwood done?

Who is Mason Greenwood?

Mason Greenwood is a 20-year-old professional football player. He has been playing for Manchester United since he was only six years old and his career advanced rapidly.  Mason plays as a forward player for Manchester United, and of course, he plays for the England national team.  Throughout the years, he has been a professional when it comes to his career. He scored important goals both for Manchester United, but also for the England National Team.

Photos and videos all over social media

As it was reported to the media, his girlfriend Harriet Robson has shared the photos and a short video with her injuries. She claims that those injuries were made by Mason. The photos are showing explicit violent attack on the girl: broken lip and blood running from her nose down her chin, to her breasts. There are other injuries, too. They are the consequence of the vicious attack.

Harriet Robson has blamed the football player for the many injuries left on her body and face. Other injuries include bruises everywhere: her arms, legs and other parts of her body. There is also an awful recording circling around social media, where Mason asks for sex and threatens Harriet when she refuses to have sex with him.  

Mason's reaction vs. club's reaction

Mason is still ignoring the media, but his club couldn’t leave out the reaction. First, they announced that they are 'aware of the situation but will not make further comments until they hear all the facts about the case'. The important part of the announcement is that Manchester United strongly disapproves violence of any kind done to anybody. While the football player ignores the accusations, more photos, audio recordings and videos are coming to light. In the past, he was also accused of having a sex party with some girls in the hotel while being tested positive on COVID19. According to the media, this is not his first public scandal and he doesn’t seem to care about his public image.

Latest news

The latest news is published by the club itself. After stating they will not make further comments, their decision to suspend the player is officially announced on their official Twitter profile. The statement contains the information about suspending Mason, and 'him not training or playing for the club until the whole situation is solved'.  Strong allegations put on the young player have forced his club to react urgently on this matter.