Nicole Kidman to save cinema

Nicole extended her contract for another year.

Aug 8, 2022 - 14:45
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Nicole Kidman to save cinema
The largest chain of cinemas in the world, AMC Theatres, has decided to return the audience to the cinema seats, and Hollywood actress Nicole Kidman will help them with this. 
Namely, this actress extended her contract for another year with the popular and largest chain of American cinemas, AMC Theaters, as their representative.
We come to these places for magic. We come to AMC cinemas to laugh and cry because we need it. That amazing feeling we get when the lights start going out and we go somewhere we've never been before. Not only are we having fun, but in a way, it's like being reborn. A broken heart always finds solace here. Our heroes from the movie screen seem to be a part of us. And we feel the stories here perfectly, as well as their power” - is part of the text of the advertising campaign for this cinema.
The knowledge that Nicole Kidman will be part of the advertising campaign for one more year seems reassuring for the fate of the cinema while the "furious war" with streaming services over movie hits, Collider website writes.

By the way, the first video that Nicole Kidman shot for this chain of cinemas, which was founded in 1920, was very notable, but it also became the target of parody on social networks.
Nicole Mary Kidman is an Australian actress and director. She was born on June 20, 1967, in Hawaii. She has won numerous awards, including an Oscar, an Emmy Award, five Golden Globes, and a Silver Bear in the "Best Actress" category.
She started her acting career in Australia in 1983 with the film "Bush Christmas". She became famous thanks to the thriller "Dead Calm" and the TV series "Bangkok Hilton". In 1990, she broke into Hollywood, after the successful film "Days of Thunder", in which Tom Cruise starred.
She continued her successful film career with "Far and Away", "Batman Forever", "To Die For" for which she won a Golden Globe, and the film "Eyes Wide Shut". She received two Oscar nominations for "Moulin Rouge!" and a Golden Globe for "The Hours."
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