NZXT LIFT, a very practical ambidextrous mouse

Apr 29, 2022 - 14:42
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NZXT LIFT, a very practical ambidextrous mouse

The NZXT LIFT: mouse is available in white and black, and you should be aware that the mouse frame's colors can be changed. To be more specific, the color of the cord, certain keys, and the underside of the mouse may all be changed.

Cyan, purple, red, and yellow are the available colors. The mouse weighs only 67 grams. It has a length of 126.8 mm, a width of 67.23 mm, and a thickness of 38.35 mm.

It has a PixArt 3389 optical sensor with a resolution of up to 16,000 DPI. The mouse polling rate can be set between 500 and 1000 Hz. Omron switches have a life expectancy of 20 million clicks.

We have a two-meter USB cable made of paracord. Finally, the mouse can be customized using CAM software. You may also adjust the RGB lighting with this software.

Trade nameNZXT Lift
Optical SensorPixArt PMW-3389 optical sensor
Sensitivity16,000 DPI
USB sample rateUp to 1000Hz
Switches (left/right)Omron 20M
Buttons6 buttons
ConnectivityCorded 2m Paracord
Dimensions126.8 x 67.23 x 38.35mm
Weight (cable included)67 grams

Depending on how you feel and, of course, the shape of the mouse, there are numerous ways to hold your mouse:

  • The Palm grip: the hand is completely flat on the mouse
  • The Claw grip: the palm is placed on the back of the mouse, but the fingers are curled up perpendicular to the mouse buttons
  • The Fingertip grip: the hand does not touch the mouse and only the fingertips touch the buttons

The brand advertises an ambidextrous mouse, however, we prefer to use it with our right hand. In terms of grip, the Palm Grip position is the most appropriate, however, it can also be used in the Fingertip Grip position.

The software is simple to use and is organized into multiple tabs. It is extremely comprehensive and allows you to monitor nearly the entire machine. We can view temperatures, system specs, overclock (on supported cards), modify cooling (NZXT), and even manage to light. In a nutshell, the CAM program is extremely comprehensive.

We can begin by modifying how the lighting reacts. It is either fixed or reactive. When you select responsive mode, the illumination will change based on whatever button you press. Standard settings can be found under Basic mode.

The mouse is extremely useful in RTS games. It perfectly replies to all queries. However, in some games, such as MMOs, we would have wanted to have a few additional buttons to have more shortcuts directly on the mouse.

The mouse glides flawlessly in FPS games, but adding one or two additional buttons would have been really useful. This mouse has certainly won our hearts in the office department. It serves its purpose admirably, whether for photo editing or other activities.