Pete Davidson, a"Diamond in the Trash"

Jan 28, 2022 - 18:01
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Pete Davidson, a"Diamond in the Trash"

No wonder the comedian thinks his success with women is caused by him being a diamond in the trash. Ladies these days are hooked on recycling and upcycling. But, what did he mean exactly? Is he in the trash now? Or was he in the trash before getting 'discovered' by some very famous women?

We have watched Pete perform in comedy clubs since he was a teen

He made us laugh until we cried. Then he made us cry until we laugh again. His life story is a rollercoaster, with countless punches and punchlines. But, in recent years we have seen him in some mainstream headlines and with some mainstream stars.

Many do not know his story and had no idea who he was until he got the gig on SNL. Some got to know who he is even later when he was dating Ariana Grande. People are baffled by pictures of Davidson and his partners from the past. Even more, with his newest girlfriend, Kim Kardashian. But, people who know Pete’s work, and have had a glimpse into his brilliant mind, look at it from a completely different perspective.

A totally opposite point of view can be seen among old fans. They are not surprised by how did Pit get Kim. Nonetheless, fans ask how did she manage to hook up with him?

This situation makes us think. It shines a new light on Kim's controversial reputation. Now, she is with someone who thinks out loud for a living, and lives of the people's laughs. The disbelief of broad audiences around the world with Pete's relationships gives us a valuable insight into mainstream showbiz. It speaks about peoples expectations when it comes to successful women. Celebs we like, follow, comment and share, are known for many things. Sadly, their intellect rarely, and barely has a chance to shine through the market and the demands of fans and the industry. We are used to seeing women marketed as a beautiful commodity, and many think that looks are the only thing they have, even if they make billions, which is a talent by itself, you must admit. Even if they worked their whole life to get where they are now. It is easier to see just what is presented to us, and not think about what is behind the curtains. Working hard, using talent to push through a world that usually doesn’t want smart women, just pretty girls that can dance, sing, pose, or promote products.

Since this is not a rant about gender inequality or sexism, let's head back to Pete and his hilarious joke.

In his set at the 9th Annual Patrice O’Neal Comedy Benefit Concert in NYC, Davidson did a bit about people being fascinated by his success with famous women. Pete shared his theory on it. He compared himself with a bunch of discount DVD’s someone can find in a 5$ bin. He mentioned Predator 2, Shrek Forever After and Tropic Thunder. He said Tropic Thunder is a classic, and as such, it should not be in the trash, and added that the same goes for him too.

I’m Tropic Thunder. I’m the diamond in the trash,” he said.

“It’s a steal.”

As Pete became the centre of so much controversy, the last one being Kanye West's rumour. He is saying that Pete has AIDS. Is it jealousy or is it just a marketing trick to get attention, as Ye is promoting his new album? Petes fans know he does have health issues, and he has always been honest about it. He talked openly about his experience with Crohn's disease, his mental issues and his struggles. Basically, if Pete had AIDS, there would be a joke about it on SNL, without a doubt. So, let's ask ourselves what is left when we go through the trash and the rumours and when we stick to the facts? The fact is Pete makes us laugh, and people, being fans or stars, simply want to be around him. He and Kim had dinner with Jef Bezos, Miley Cyrus almost sat in his lap singing It should have been me on The Saturday Live Show. Although she was not happy about Miley getting so close to her man, Kim does look happier than ever, and that is the only thing that counts.