'Prey' film is coming to the small screens!

The film will be available on the "Disney Plus" platform.

Aug 7, 2022 - 14:35
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'Prey' film is coming to the small screens!

Another film coming to the small screen is "Prey" directed by Dan Trachtenberg, a prequel to the famous " Predator " in which Arnold Schwarzenegger stared. It will be available at the beginning of August on the Disney Plus platform, and criticism of this production has already appeared.

As stated by Clarice Lafrey in her text in the Independent newspaper, the film "Prey" is "an emotionally rich story about a woman belonging to the indigenous Comanche people who fights for survival in the American wilderness." Of course, all this includes the Predator, an alien who hunts trophies in the form of humans. There are also brutal parts in the film, which will make many people's pulse quicken.

"Prey" is set in the 18th century and follows the character Nara (played by Amber Midtander), a woman who, against the warnings of her elders, pushes to reinforce the patriarchal tradition and pass the initiation test that would cement her position as a hunter. 

During the movie, Naru encounters the Predator, and her advantage is knowing her home turf and hoping to survive while fighting him. The fights themselves are especially pulse-pounding and brutal, and as the Independent states in its text, there is also humor, and the film itself deserves to be on the cinema screen.

This media reports that the night scenes look surprisingly rich. The setting of the film "Prey", as stated by the Independent, makes logical sense - the ruthlessness of the Predator, who hunts only for pride, is reflected in the actions of the white colonizers. By the way, the Comanches were actually very skilled at fighting their oppressors. And this achievement, again and again, sees Naru succeed concretely in dealing with her challenges, primarily because those around her never treat her as a likely threat. As for the comments, there are all kinds, mostly positive.

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