How to release repressed feelings

You should look for a good way to "empty" and release emotions.

Aug 7, 2022 - 14:16
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How to release repressed feelings

Feelings are a very complicated topic and they have a big impact on our everyday life, especially if we try to suppress them and if we don't process them in the right way. Everyone deals with their own feelings in their own way and everyone is looking for their own mechanisms, but suppressing feelings has done no one any good because sooner or later they have to surface.

In addition, it can affect our physical and mental health, thus making it impossible for us to have a normal everyday life. That's why you should look for a good way to "empty" and release emotions, and for many, it is crying. Scientists have proven that crying is healthy, but what about situations when it is simply impossible? Then there are other mechanisms for releasing emotions, and below we bring you five suggestions.

Write down how you feel

Writing down how you're feeling can have a huge relief effect and help you process everything. This is why many people swear by journaling, as it helps them understand how they feel and see things much more clearly. That way you also externalize the feelings, which means they won't eat you up from the inside.

Get moving

Physical activity is always useful and desirable and different forms can have different positive effects. For example, swimming relaxes your muscles so you won't be in spasms, and yoga forces you to take care of your breathing, so in a way, you exhale toxins and inhale good energy.

Try dancing

Dancing is also a form of physical activity, but it also has the added benefit of socializing with people and getting rid of negative energy. With the right music, it can be a great purification ritual, and you can enjoy it yourself in the comfort of your own home.

Be loud

In everyday life, we usually don't get much chance to be loud, and if we could be loud even for five minutes, it would relieve the pressure a lot. Of course, we don't recommend yelling at people, but for example, cheering at a game can be a good way to release negative energy, and karaoke with friends can also be a good choice.

Talk to someone about it

Yes, we know this activity doesn't quite compare to the above, but talking to someone about how you're feeling and listening to how they're feeling can clear up your current emotional state. Of course, do this only with close friends with whom you can be completely open and who will understand you.

Post by: Rinna James