Prom Pact

Prom Pact is a movie that explores the challenges and complexities of teenage relationships. The movie centers around a group of high school students who make a pact to all attend prom together as friends, regardless of their relationship status. However, as the prom approaches, the students' relationships become more complicated, leading to unexpected twists and turns.

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Prom Pact

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Plot Summary

The movie starts with four best friends, Cameron, Hannah, Jordyn, and Mitch, who make a pact to attend prom together as friends, even though they are all facing different relationship struggles. Cameron is secretly in love with Hannah, who is dating Jordyn's brother, Jake. Mitch is in a long-distance relationship, struggling to maintain the connection.

As the prom approaches, the students' relationships become more complicated. Hannah discovers that Jake has been cheating on her, while Cameron struggles to express his feelings for her. Jordyn begins to develop feelings for Cameron, leading to tension between the friends. Mitch's girlfriend breaks up with him, leaving him heartbroken.

The group attends prom together, but their night takes unexpected twists and turns, leading to new revelations and a deeper understanding of themselves and each other.


The movie explores various themes, including the complexities of teenage relationships, the importance of friendship, and the power of honesty. It delves into the challenges of navigating the high school social scene and the pressure to conform to societal expectations.

The movie also highlights the importance of self-discovery and the journey to finding one's true self. The themes are presented in a relatable and thought-provoking manner, leaving viewers with a sense of empathy and understanding.

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Cast and Crew

Prom Pact features a talented cast of young actors, including Kennedy Lea Slocum as Hannah, Nicholas J. Leinbach as Cameron, Alexandra Ficken as Jordyn, and Aaron Richwine as Mitch. The movie is directed by MarVista Entertainment and written by Kendall McKinnon.

Filming Locations

The movie was filmed in various locations, including Los Angeles and San Diego. The movie's stunning visuals and cinematography capture the essence of the locations, adding depth and authenticity to the storytelling.