Sex during pregnancy - yes or no?

If your pregnancy is normal and without complications, sexual intercourse will not harm either you or your baby, and along the way, it will increase love and closeness between partners.

Jul 26, 2022 - 19:11
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Sex during pregnancy - yes or no?

During pregnancy, women have different needs for intimate relationships. In a certain number of pregnant women, the desire for sex is not particularly pronounced. This is most often the case with those women who have irritable, exhausted, hypersensitive breasts during pregnancy. As pregnancy progresses, under the influence of increased blood flow to the genitals, the desire for sex increases.

' If we are talking about a normal pregnancy, where both mom and baby are fine, all the activities that make up a normal life are fine, including sex. I would only advise the use of condoms, in order to reduce the possibility of infections.' experts stated. If it is a high-risk pregnancy accompanied by bleeding, an open cervix, an abnormally implanted placenta, or an infection, spontaneous abortion is possible, experts warn.' Sex during pregnancy is not recommended if there is any indication of miscarriage or if the gynecologist tells the expectant mother that, for example, her uterus is low. Of course, everything is individual and you will get the best advice from your doctor .' says our interlocutor.

One of the main questions that bother future parents is whether they can hurt their baby during penetration. Gynecologists explain that if the pregnancy proceeds without complications, the baby is protected in the uterus and that sex cannot harm her.

' Desire for sex and fear of it is an individual matter. From my many years of experience, I can say that some women remain completely unchanged, but let's say women who have difficulty getting pregnant or have an increased fear of pregnancy and complications have no desire for sex, and that's fine, ' explains doctor, adding that it often happens that the fathers are those who are afraid of harming the baby. Most couples are also bothered by the choice of poses. Gynecologists say - there is no reason to worry.

' As long as sex pleases you, any pose is good. It's the same when future moms ask me if it's okay to sleep on their stomachs. It's fine, as long as it pleases them,' says the doctor. Psychologists also agree with this: 'Physical closeness will strengthen the emotional bond, mothers will thus more easily accept all the changes they face during the whole nine months, and fathers will thus show how much they care for their partner,'.

When is the body ready for sex again after giving birth?

Six weeks should pass after giving birth, that's a minimum. The body uses those six weeks to clean the uterus of lochia, heal wounds if there are any, return the uterus to its place, and stop any bleeding.


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