Siri will create virtual reality apps if you ask

Apple's virtual reality headset is one of the most anticipated devices this year...

Jan 27, 2023 - 17:00
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Siri will create virtual reality apps if you ask

One of the most anticipated devices this year is Apple's virtual reality headset, and according to many sources, Siri will play a crucial role in how this new headset functions. As we previously stated, when discussing what the leaks say about iOS 17, it appears that an important part of the novelties from Cupertino for this 2023 will be related, directly or indirectly, with the viewer about which we have already been talking for quite some time, and that it could finally be announced in June, during WWDC 2023.

When the Metaverse was first mentioned in 2021, Apple swiftly stated that they did not have them, which was supported by Tim Cook's statement last October regarding the absence of a precise description. Nothing to debate about what the company has said on both occasions, but what is important is not so much what it says as what it does not say, and in this case, what it does not say is that it intends to create an ecosystem as closed as that of Apple Watch or Apple TV with the virtual reality viewer.

This will not surprise anyone, right? It is the house brand for many of its product lines, though restrictions may soon put an end to it in the case of the iPhone. For Apple, a closed environment is synonymous with a safe, cohesive, and enjoyable experience, but it is also synonymous with capitalizing on everything that happens in it, that is, everything that happens on the platform only happens if they agree.

Of course, this implies that companies face a big risk, namely a lack of engaging content for users. And, of course, no matter how great the technology is if there are no applications and games that allow you to use it, what is the point of users obtaining the viewer? According to The Verge, it appears that Apple is working on an unusual solution, which involves letting Siri develop virtual reality apps based on user requests.

We're not talking about sophisticated programs here, but rather about advancements that are intriguing and complete enough for their authors to distribute to other users via the platform-specific App Store. Furthermore, it will be the customers themselves who "work" (or make Siri work) to swiftly fill the shelves of the Apple store, as otherwise, the offer appears to be fairly rare in its first months.

To that purpose, the firm will rely on Fabric Software's technology, a Canadian company purchased by Apple in 2017, a development capable of creating objects and surroundings procedurally, avoiding the repetition of information, environments, models, and so on. Apple also purchased DigitalRune, which aimed to make 3D game development easier, in 2016, thus it stands to reason that technology from it will be included in this new headline Siri function.

Post by Bryan C.