Skin care: How to properly wash your face

The key to proper skin care lies in something we do every day.

Aug 8, 2022 - 05:08
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Skin care: How to properly wash your face

Oils, lotions, micellar waters, and other skin care products - it is important to us what ingredients they contain and how they affect our skin. It is quite reasonable to worry about whether we will have enough antioxidants or nutrients for the skin, and we are probably more concerned with this than the temperature of the water we wash our face with. It can be the key to achieving the best results in facial care because washing with cold water has multiple positive effects on the skin, especially dry and acne-prone skin.

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What are the benefits of cold washing?

Washing with warm, especially hot, water removes natural oils from the skin, which dries it out, weakens its natural protection, and can make it more prone to pimples. In addition, heat stimulates the expansion of blood vessels, so the skin becomes redder. On the other hand, washing with cold water, although it may seem shocking at first, s great for our skin, because it stimulates blood circulation. Research has shown that the body sends more blood to the cooled area, and better blood circulation brings more air and nutrients to the skin.

Thanks to this, the skin gets a healthy glow, and at the same time, it better defends itself against the effects of free radicals, unstable compounds that can damage the skin and accelerate its aging. After washing with cold water, the natural protection of the skin will be preserved.

It is also good for nature

It is no wonder that this cheap and accessible method of face washing is becoming more and more attractive to those who advocate natural solutions in care, not only because of the positive effect on the skin but also because of concern for the environment. And cosmetic brands that invest in sustainability promote cleaning with cold water and with minimal water use because it reduces energy consumption, saves money and preserves nature.

However, washing your face with cold water can have its drawbacks. Because it tightens the pores, cold water can "trap" bacteria and impurities in them, so dermatologists recommend that after removing makeup, you should first wash your face with lukewarm and then cold water to narrow the pores and increase blood circulation for a healthy glow.


Post By: Vanessa F.