Stephen King has a complaint

He noticed a clear illogicality in the third episode of the series "The Last of Us".

Feb 3, 2023 - 12:55
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Stephen King has a complaint

The famous American writer Stephen King noticed an interesting detail in the last episode of the hit series shown on HBO, The Last of Us.

King detected flaws in the geographical location in the episode Long, Long Time, which many fans applauded for the incredibly emotional story of the characters Bill and Frank.

The series begins in Boston, New England, in the federal state of Massachusetts, where King is from, and the third episode takes place, as the program emphasizes, 10 miles west of Boston. The terrain in the series, according to King, does not reflect the genuine environment located 10 miles from Boston.

"The third episode of The Last of Us series. Are you really going to tell me that episode was filmed 10 miles west of Boston," King asked on Twitter, and his post was quickly liked by a large number of users. There were also many comments.

Many locals and geography specialists pointed out that such a rugged, rocky, and somewhat untamed landscape does not exist in that portion of Massachusetts.

Furthermore, King offered his overall view, stating that the series is fantastic for him regardless of everything.

The third episode of The Last of Us series created chaos, even Microsoft responded

It's an understatement to say that comments to the latest episode of The Last of Us were divided, but then Microsoft shifted the conversation entirely.

We have no doubt that if you had the opportunity to see the third episode of the smash series The Last of Us last night on the HBO streaming platform, you were not disappointed, and neither were viewers around the world.

However, this episode sparked widespread outrage, with the most strange moment occurring when Lulu Cheng Miserway from Microsoft joined the discussion and pushed it in an entirely another path.

During the conversation, however, the most unusual moment occurred when Lulu Cheng Miserway took advantage of the situation to request that the FTC pay attention to the success of the "wonderful" series.

Miserway offered a series of points about Sony and its intellectual property in another attempt to persuade the Federal Trade Commission to accept Microsoft's acquisition of Activision-Blizzard.

Miserway took to Twitter in an unusual tweet to say that Sony "continues to dominate" the console market, signing off with the words "Sony is first among us." - and that they will be fine without the FTC's protections.

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