The best classic potato salad recipe

It is easiest for housewives to prepare french fries or potatoes in the oven, because they are sure that their family will gladly consume such dishes.

May 23, 2022 - 15:28
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The best classic potato salad recipe

Somehow, it is easiest for housewives to prepare, for example, french fries or potatoes in the oven as a garnish, because they are sure that their family, especially the youngest ones, will gladly consume such dishes. It is known that children adore dishes with potatoes in different variants.

The main ingredient of this vegetable is starch, and it is considered one of the most commonly used foods in the human diet worldwide. More precisely, according to the amount of consumption in the world, it is on the high, fourth place.

As for calories, there are 71 of them in 100 grams of fresh new potatoes. There are 220 calories in french fries, and 100 in mashed potatoes. When it comes to potato salad, calories depend largely on which foods it is combined with. Of course, there will be more calories in a salad with mayonnaise and eggs, for example, than if you prepare that salad with, mustard or onions, for example.

There are many ways to prepare potato salad, but also one recipe, which can be considered basic. In fact, there is probably no housewife who does not have the habit of preparing a standard potato salad, if you can say so.

Of course, there are many variations of that recipe, but we had to decide on one of them. In addition to half a kilo of old potatoes, preferably pink ones, you will also need 2 medium-sized onions. Also prepare vinegar, olive oil, pepper, salt, and parsley. If desired, you can add a little oregano.

Depending on how you are used to, you can cut the potatoes into cubes or circles. If you want the salad to be ready faster, then first cut the potatoes, then put it in boiling water and cook until it softens. Take care not to overcook, because then your salad will not look like a salad, but rather like porridge. In the meantime, you should chop the onion into slices and add salt, then leave it to stand until it releases water.

After you chop the potatoes and transfer them to the bowl in which you will serve the salad, drain the water from the onion and mix everything. Add salt to taste and vinegar. You can use apple cider vinegar or balsamic vinegar, and if you want your salad to be even healthier, then the recipe will include lemon juice. Then season to taste and mix well, then allow to cool before serving.