The cult film "Fatal Attraction" becomes a series

Selected actors to replace Glenn Close and Michael Douglas.

Jan 2, 2023 - 13:55
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The cult film "Fatal Attraction" becomes a series

Broadcasting begins early next year on Paramount +.

"Fatal Attraction" is a cult thriller from the late 1980s about a love affair gone bad, and a series based on it is on the way. Lizzie Kaplan will take over Glenn Close's iconic role, while Michael Douglas has been replaced by Joshua Jackson.

According to reports, the sitcom will premiere on Paramount+ early next year and will be a smash hit. Aleksandra Cunningham created the original remake and also wrote the script and served as executive producer.

The legendary character Alex Forrest, played by Glenn Close in the 1987 film classic, is unquestionably one of those who cannot and should not be forgotten in the history of world cinema.

No one mentioned mental illness

- I read a lot about the film and Glenn Close who spoke about the empathy she had for the character Alex, how she felt that she was out of control and that she was not evil, which I definitely agree with because I don't believe in evil - said Cunningham and added:

Glen described how, when working on this role, she took the screenplay to two psychiatrists, none of whom indicated mental illness because it was the 1980s and no one cared.

She has grown extremely engaged in mental health issues since then, and it's unfortunate that she has stated that she feels responsible for a lot of the stigma around mental illness in pop culture that her depiction of Alex contributed to.

She also mentioned that she believed it would be interesting to recount the same narrative from the perspective of the main character, which inspired me to take on this project.

Aleksandra began writing the series with the notion of altering the perspective in mind, and she always had Lizzy Kaplan in mind as the appropriate actress for the new plot.

- Alex is a negative character in this story, while Dan is a hero and there is no gray area. Today, the audience has changed so much that we are no longer ready to believe the story of an evil woman. She is obviously mentally ill, and that is not something that the film touches on at all - said the actress.

Joshua Jackson was cast in the character of Dan Gallagher, and Lizzie was quite delighted with his choice.

I am happy that Josh is playing this role. He was the best partner. We had to do some pretty intense stuff. After all, it is an erotic thriller, and it includes a lot of physical violence, which requires a lot of trust in the partner, and I trusted him every step of the way. Kaplan revealed.

- We want to entertain people who are familiar with the basic elements of the original film, but also those who have no idea what it is about - said Aleksandra Cunningham, and we will have the opportunity to find out how successfully they did the job at the beginning of 2023 when the series will start with broadcasting.

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