This Is Us new trailer is finally out

This Is Us fans are aware that the series will end with the sixth season, but the Pearson family will be able to convey the end in their own way

Dec 14, 2021 - 15:49
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This Is Us new trailer is finally out

You must have experienced at least once that your dear series was simply interrupted, in vain, although the end of the season offered a very interesting sequel. For us, for example, this has happened in recent years with the GLOW and Santa Clarita Diet series, one due to the pandemic and the other due to the seemingly complete lack of humor by Netflix.

But the series This Is Us, with a very rich and deep story about a family we follow over several time periods, will get its ending, fortunately for many fans who have been following the Pearson family since 2016.

Now the first trailer for the sixth season and the last season has been released, which reveals a very interesting and heartbreaking elaboration of the story, and we can already see that we will need handkerchiefs. If you’ve just heard of this wonderful series with this news, don’t watch the trailer at the bottom, but start with the first season available on Amazon Prime and which we guarantee you will fall in love with!

It is a drama series, which at the beginning, as many critics say, is deceptively simple: we meet several characters, and what they all have in common is that they are all celebrating their 36th birthday. Kate has eating problems, Jack is the future father, and his wife Rebecca is pregnant with triplets. Randall is a broker with a wonderful office and a great career, Kevin is a silly actor who stars in a horrible sitcom called The Manny, which requires him to be shirtless most of the time.

But the situation is getting a little complicated. In addition to having an identity crisis from their 36th birthday, these seemingly incompatible characters have one big link in common, and the series combines humor, emotion, cynicism, and sometimes unscrupulousness.

The sense of closeness and family with the characters and what we observe can even be compared to the Gilmore Girls (by the way, one famous young man is one of the main characters here as well). From time to time you won't know where you are because you've been following these characters for about 30 years, but don't think it's a bad "director's cut", just sail into these lives and indulge - you won't regret it!

And if you’ve already looked at all the seasons, then you know what I’m talking about.

Enjoy this bittersweet trailer, which has over five million views.