Tom Cruise is risking his life

In the new film, he performs a deadly jump - the most dangerous stunt in history.

Dec 25, 2022 - 08:54
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Tom Cruise is risking his life

The Hollywood actor is known for doing terrifying and dangerous scenes without the assistance of stuntmen.

Tom Cruise is preparing even more demanding stunts for the new chapter of " Mission Impossible ", and as dangerous as they can be, it is reported that doing them "risks losing his life".

The Hollywood actor is famous for doing the riskiest filming scenes by himself, without stuntmen, as shown in the films " Top Gun " and " Top Gun: Maverick ", as well as multiple sequels to " Mission Impossible ".

What is a BASE jump?

Specifically for the latest installment of "Mission Impossible," titled "Dead Reckoning," Cruise is preparing his most risky action ever. It's a BASE leap from a cliff. BASE jumps involve parachuting but no airplanes.

The BASE is an acronym derived from the English terms building, antenna, range, and earth. It entails jumping from skyscrapers, radio towers, bridges, or cliffs.

The greatest stunt in the history of cinema

Tom chose a cliff for his adventure this time. This scary accomplishment is shown in a brief video introducing the seventh episode of the film, and it has been described as "the greatest stunt in the history of cinema" on the Paramount Pictures YouTube account.

Tom Cruise sends his friends the same gift every Christmas

It's a white chocolate and coconut cake that she originally received from Cruise in 2016, while the two were filming "Jack Reacher."

"It's a white chocolate coconut cake and I have to admit it's delicious. I keep it in the fridge and it lasts until March because I only take pieces each time. I don't know why, I'm not a big fan of sweets either, but this is great," said the actress.

Then host Jimmy Fallon revealed that he, too, was receiving the same gift, referring to it as a "Tom Cruise cake." Kirsten Dunst, Henry Cavill, and James Corden previously announced that they were all receiving the same present.

The cake, which is topped with white chocolate frosting and crushed coconut, is available at Doan's Bakery in Woodland Hills, California.

Tom Cruise once said that he sends a cake to a wide circle of colleagues during the holidays, and he explained why.

"I love sweets, but I avoid them because of the training and preparations I go through for films." That's why I send it to others," said the actor.

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