Two legends meet in the trailer for "Freud's Last Session"!

Anthony Hopkins is Sigmund Freud and Matthew Goode is CS Lewis. The film arrives at the end of December.

Dec 6, 2023 - 17:24
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Two legends meet in the trailer for "Freud's Last Session"!

Two great thinkers of the 20th century meet in the trailer for "Freud's Last Session". In the new film, Anthony Hopkins is in the role of Sigmund Freud, while Matthew Goode has become CS Lewis. The film is an adaptation of Marko St.'s theatrical play  "Germain", and it should arrive in cinemas in a limited edition already this December.

The action of the film is set in September 1945, when the already-aged Freud lives in London after escaping from Vienna, which is controlled by the Nazis. In London, he meets Professor Lewis, who has not yet written his cult Narnia series.

The official plot synopsis reads: “On the eve of the Second World War, two of the greatest minds of the twentieth century, Sigmund Freud (Hopkins) and C.S. Lewis (Goode), converge for their own personal battle over the existence of God.” 

Lewis is a devoted believer and challenges Freud, an inveterate atheist, to a debate about the nature of the divine, and the trailer reveals their discussion, in which each tries to prove his side, while Freud simultaneously begins to psychoanalyze his interlocutor. In real life, Freud did live in London after the Nazis annexed Austria, but there is no written evidence that he and Lewis actually met during that brief period of his life in London.

The film also stars Liv Lisa Fries as Freud's daughter Anna, Jodi Balfour as their family friend Dorothy Burlingham, Pádraic Delaney as Lewis' brother Warren, and Stephen Campbell Moore as Lewis' longtime friend and colleague JRR Tolkien.

Mark Brown is directing the film, and the original author St. Germain also wrote the screenplay. Brown has directed two movies before this, 2000's "Ropewalk" and 2015's "The Man Who Knew Infinity".

The film will be shown in a limited edition on December 22 in the USA, and distribution in cinemas around the world is expected at the beginning of next year. "Freud's Last Session" is going to be one of the last new movies of 2023.


Post By: Vanessa F.