NEW: Kim Kardashian in Ryan Murphy's drama!

Kim Kardashian continues her acting journey in Ryan Murphy's new drama.

Dec 6, 2023 - 17:18
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NEW: Kim Kardashian in Ryan Murphy's drama!

Believe it or not, Kim became a real acting star. After her role in the 12th season of the anthology series "American Horror Story" and the news about her new movie "The Fifth Wheel", Kim Kardashian continues her acting journey!

The famous Kardashian will collaborate again with Ryan Murphy, the creator of "American Horror Story", on his new drama series. We don't have any information about the name of the mentioned series, which he is working on for the streaming service Hulu. Kardashian will play a successful divorce attorney at an all-female firm in Los Angeles, and Jon Robin Baitz and Joseph Baken are in charge of the script – and that's all that's known about the project so far.

The Kardashian-starring series is Murphy's first project for Disney after he inked a lucrative deal with them in June following his departure from Netflix, where he worked for five years. His departure to Disney did not surprise anyone, as he rejoined his longtime colleague Dana Walden, who is one of the presidents of Disney Entertainment.

Over the years, Kim Kardashian has made a name for herself as a successful businesswoman who, in addition to her reality show "The Kardashians", also has the popular underwear line Skims. Besides this, she delighted everyone with her role in the new season of AHS subtitled "Delicate", in which she stars alongside Emma Roberts.

Recall, that "The Fifth Wheel" has a big importance for Kim Kardashian, who plans to promote the film with all her might - especially with the help of her Instagram, where she has 364 million followers. But we must mention the reality show "The Kardashians", which follows her every move. She has a big marketing team behind and everything she is involved in won't pass the public eye so easily. We will watch it for sure!


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