Want an all-white home?

As much as we love colorful rooms, there is one type of space that will never go out of style, and that is all-white interiors.

Aug 3, 2022 - 15:07
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Want an all-white home?

Whether it's a light and bright kitchen or a colorless living room filled with textures and intriguing art, there's something timeless and soothing about a whitewashed space. Some people stick to white for fear of going wrong with some bolder shades, while others simply enjoy pure classics. Whatever reason you have for choosing white in your interior, know that this look is not always easy to achieve, let alone maintain. Avoid decorating mistakes by following these helpful tips:


You can create a lot of depth and interesting layers to a monochromatic design by playing with different textures and materials. An all-white interior does not mean that all shades of white have to be the same. Different shades of white and layering of textures are key, and it's also important to create reflective moments with lighting, mirrors and a few key pieces of art.


Choosing the perfect white color is not easy, but there are a couple of proven tricks for that too. Always choose the color in accordance with the direction in which the room faces as well as the color tones of the selected furniture, floors and walls. If the room has warm accents, use a warmer white. In contrast, pair the cooler white with chrome or more modern furniture.


An all-white interior can look quite sterile. This works well if you want the space to be minimal and modern, like a gallery. However, if you want the interior to feel cozy, it's important to incorporate a mix of natural elements with rich textures. Elements that help make a space feel alive provide a great balance for a calmer environment.


People tend to shy away from white furniture, especially when they live with small children or pets. White furniture and bright carpets can be risky, for example, if you tend to eat food in front of the TV. But there is always a trade-off, so choose durable fabrics that can be maintained more easily.


The all-white interior provides the perfect canvas for artwork of any kind. There's a reason galleries are white. The beauty of an all-white interior is that the art really stands out and you have a lot of flexibility. Whether it's a monochromatic look, more white textures or even sculptural art, it all really works.

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Post By: Vanessa F.