Is it enough to exercise 15 minutes a day?

Even after a 15-minute workout, you can strengthen your body

Aug 3, 2022 - 18:50
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Is it enough to exercise 15 minutes a day?

Are you often in a quandary as to whether you should even start exercising when you only have 15, maybe 20 minutes to spare? Will you benefit from such a short workout or is it just a waste of time?

It is not always easy to find an hour or at least 45 minutes to exercise, and when we are in a rush, we ask ourselves if it is even worth training in a shorter period. The short answer to this question is: YES.

Even after a 15-minute workout, you can strengthen your body and improve your health, if it is intense enough to get your heart rate up from the start (because you don't have time to gradually increase it).

What should you pay attention to during a short training session?

If you want to benefit from short training, it is advisable to follow the following rules:

  1. Short workouts SHOULD NOT BE REGULAR, but should only be done when you don't have time for longer ones. You also need to do different types of exercise, and for the short amount of time you have available, cardio is the best choice;
  2. Short training should be INTENSE. The point of short training is to do your best and bring yourself close to exhaustion. It is best to do interval training. If you really try, this type of exercise can be just as effective as a half-hour or 45-minute workout. However, do not overdo it, because your body also needs lighter forms of exercise, exercises for strength, balance and stability, etc.;
  3. The first time you have a short intense workout because you don't have time for a longer one, try to do it UNDER THE WATCHFUL EYE OF YOUR TRAINER (personal or in a group). Assess your fitness level to know how much you can handle and when you're pushing the limit. Do not overdo it, but at the same time do not save yourself, because the results will not come by themselves.

Post by: Rinna James