Where did Teri Hatcher disappear?

Teri Hatcher closed the doors of Hollywood after the truth about her behavior emerged on the set of the series 'Desperate Housewives'. Teri no longer gets acting engagements like she used to.

Dec 8, 2021 - 13:50
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Where did Teri Hatcher disappear?

The Hollywood star, who is celebrating her 57th birthday on Dec. 8, turned out to be a completely different person in reality than the public experienced. It is revealed that Teri did not agree with anyone on the set of the series 'Desperate Housewives' and everyone would have preferred not to have had contact with her.

Hatcher came first to the set and bothered the stylists with her wardrobe choices. Series creator Marc Cherry revealed that there was a problem between Hatcher and Nicollette Sheridan

'Nicollette told me Teri is the meanest woman in the world,' he said.

Eva Longoria spoke about her colleague in 2012 and explained that she simply likes to be alone. ‘Marcia Cross, Felicity Huffman, and I were always a lot closer because we enjoyed hanging out together. Terry didn't want to hang out. There was no bad blood, I think it was just like that, ' she said.

But she later revealed that she was bullied by one person on the set and explained why she gave support to Felicity who was convicted of giving a bribe to rig her daughter’s test results to make it easier to enroll in her desired college.

‘I was sick when I had to go on set to film with the person who was torturing me. But one day Felicity told that person it was enough and all of a sudden it stopped. I wouldn't have survived those 10 years of filming without her, ' she said.

She did not name the person who abused her, but some members of the production said it was Hatcher. The creator of the series himself once said that there were a lot of problems on the set with the actress who behaved badly. Of course, he didn't say her name.

Because they revealed her personality, the actress was left without better engagements and only appeared in series and films that did not achieve any success.

However, Teri only said nice things about Eva, Felicity, and Marcia and entertained the public with her view of the situation. "From the beginning, there was some magical chemistry between the four of us," she once pointed out.

If we remember, Terry shocked the public in 2017 when she revealed a creepy secret that she hid for 30 years and because of which she could not sleep at night. At an event organized to raise awareness about violence against women, the actress recounted her traumatic experience.

It all started when she was only seven years old, and lasted until the ninth year of life. During that period, her uncle raped her on several occasions.

'I was convinced it was all my fault. I blamed myself exclusively for what happened to me, so I never told anyone about it, ' she said.