Zendaya Coleman and Tom Holland's love story!

After acting in a Marvel film, the young actors experienced a sudden rise to fame. But they were caught during a passionate kiss in the car.

Dec 8, 2021 - 10:54
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Zendaya Coleman and  Tom Holland's love story!

Actors  Zendaya Coleman  (24) and  Tom Holland  (25) are colleagues in the filmSpider-Man: Homecoming’ and have known each other for many years.

Although they had given each other caring and sweet compliments in interviews before, this time they spoke openly about their connection. Holland started with compliments when he saw Zendaya on the red carpet during the interview.

- There she is, she looks prettier than ever! You wouldn’t believe how wise she is, like an owl, ”he said jokingly during an interview with the  Associated Press .

When Zendaya stood in front of the cameras, reporters told her that Holland called her wise as an owl.

"I guess I can listen, people sometimes call me grandma and I don't mind," she said.

The young actors talked about how their closeness helped them cope with the immense fame brought to them by acting in the Spider-Man franchise.


- What helped me the most was her friendship, the fact that we were going through the same problems at the same time, and that I had a shoulder to cry on. This was a big deal for us and we are like family. You know, it’s not easy to become famous at just 19, and in movies like this, it goes even further. There is no corner of the world that Spider-Man has not touched, so it is difficult to deal with all this at once, but I am glad to have a family like this with whom I can share it all - said the young actor.

- I'm glad I had his support and that he was there for me. I think that sometimes you just need a person to whom you can tell everything that bothers you, someone, who will just be by your side and listen - she said.

She added that Holland's sudden rise to fame was much harder than hers because she experienced some of it when she was younger. Namely, Zendaya acted in others films and gained fame while starring in the Disney series.

- I was so lucky that my life did not change overnight. I started acting very young so for me this was a gradual process in which I learned how to deal with everything and not let it all change me. For him, on the other hand, this was a lot of things at once. I mean, when you play Spider-Man, it's usually like that. When you play such a character your life changes so I have a lot of understanding of what is going on. So, everything I learn on this journey, I share with him, and everything he learns, he shares with me - said the actress.