Who is Andrea Bocelli's wife?

Renowned opera singer Andrea Bocelli seduced his second wife Veronica with a song, and they have been married for eight years now.

Jun 17, 2022 - 06:36
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Who is Andrea Bocelli's wife?

It didn't take long for the celebrated Italian opera singer Andrea Bocelli (63) to seduce his manager and wife Veronica Berti (38) after meeting him.

Although the couple was officially married on March 21, 2014, Andrea once told The Guardian that the marriage actually began the moment they met. Namely, in 2002, the actress and the acclaimed tenor were at the same party, and Andrea sang her an aria, a piece called Occhi Di Fata (Fairy Eyes). Veronica was 18 at the time, and Andrea had just divorced his first wife, Enrica Cenzatti, with whom he has two sons, Amos and Matteo. They were married for 10 years.

'Everyone was there, a really wonderful moment between us,' he said, adding: 'It was the fastest start ever because we started living together that night .' According to him, the 25-year age difference between them has made things easier, not harder.

‘Big age differences are a tradition in my family. That was the case with my parents as well,'  he said. 'Besides, I'm very religious, and the age difference is something you often see in biblical marriages.'

He pointed out that he and Veronica are united by music that they discuss, perform and listen to together. In 2012, the same year they became the parents of their daughter Virginia, they performed a beautiful rendition of the love song ‘Qualche Stupido’ together.

In 2014, Andrea and Veronica exchanged vows at the shrine of Madonna di Montenero in Tuscany, Italy, on the same day that their daughter Virginia turned two.

'Of course, when two people feel like us, they want to make it better with marriage,' Andrea told the Daily Mail. Andrea and Veronica, live in Tuscany and they are enjoying their eighth-year marriage. They also participated in fundraising in the fight against COVIDA-19 through the Andrea Bocelli Foundation. 

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