Will the 200 TB SSD come in 2022

Apr 9, 2022 - 21:52
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Will the 200 TB SSD come in 2022

Later this year, the SSD with the highest capacity available will be released - 200 terabytes. This is the first time Techradar has reported on it, and it is based on a remark made by Nimbus' CEO.

"We're working on a successor to the 100TB SSD that will offer even more capacity, performance, and energy efficiency than the revolutionary 100TB SSD, and we aim to release this next-generation SSD in 2022," CEO Thomas Isakovich stated.

This, together with an interview from 2020, leads to the conclusion that it will be a 200 terabyte model. The model was originally scheduled for 2021, but the financial crisis intervened, forcing the plans to be postponed.

Isakovich declined to say if the new SSD will be 3.5-inch or lower in size. Nothing is said about the interface or memory type used, as expected.

Of course, assumptions might be made based on the application area and the predecessor. Because the model is primarily intended for data center operations, the 3.5 inches and SAS dimensions are self-evident.

Even if one could manufacture more compactly, the end goal is for consumers to be able to quickly replace them in existing racks, which may still be configured for HDDs.

When it comes to NAND, one can only speculate - modules with 512 or 1,024 GBit are likely to be used. The Flashtec NVMe 4016 is assumed to be utilized.

The cost will be intriguing. Nimbus asked roughly 40,000 US dollars for the 100 terabyte SSD when it was first offered. The new model will almost surely not be twice as expensive, but it will almost certainly not be the same price.

As a home data grab, SSDs can only be suggested to a limited extent, because data loss is usually irreversible, although with hard drives, depending on the defect, there is still a possibility of (partial) rescue.