Aavik Presents new Amplifier Flagships

The new high-end flagship I-880 integrated amplifier from Aavik.

Dec 8, 2022 - 19:30
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Aavik Presents new Amplifier Flagships

The I-880 integrated amplifier, the P-880 power amplifier, and the C-880 control amplifier comprise Aavik's new, exclusive flagship 880 series, which employs true Class A technology.

Aavik promises better Class A power amplifier technology in the output stage for the new 880 amplifier series, which is said to produce 2x200 W into 8 ohms among other things.

To prevent switching the output stage, the new circuitry is supposed to keep the bias spread constantly at 0.63V above the required amount of current.

This is supposed to result in no "unnecessary" current consumption, resulting in much less power being required and used overall. According to Aavik, this also means that smaller output transistors are required, resulting in shorter signal paths and less noise, as well as less heat dissipation and improved efficiency.

Because of its small size, the 880 amplifiers' specific power supply is also expected to reduce noise and provide other benefits for music listening.

The new Aavik flagships include a dedicated power supply, which is said to reduce noise while delivering enough headroom and high peak power. Aavik uses "LDR" (Light Dependent Resistor) arrays instead of MOS-FET arrays, which are switchless and thus meant to reduce noise without discoloring the sound.

The new amplifiers also include an analog crossover that properly directs audio signals and is capable of powering either a subwoofer or a 2.1 system with high-pass and low-pass filters. The crossover is also reported to allow for analog sound modification to the specific room.

All of Aavik's new 880 units are housed in solid copper, which is said to increase cooling and damping factor, as well as lower inductance and output impedance, among other things. The bottom plate of the amplifier is built of a sandwich construction of copper, laminate, and titanium to prevent resonance.

The new 880-series amplifiers, like many other Aavik products, include technology from Ansuz, particularly its "Tesla coils." This device is believed to dramatically reduce noise by using many coils twisted around each other to neutralize each other. They also employ "analog dither" technology, which is intended to reduce noise further, similar to radar technology.

The new flagship amplifiers are priced at $70.000 by Aavik; all 880 models include four Ansuz "Darkz Z2S" decoupling feet. The I-880 integrated amplifier will be available immediately, followed by the C-880 preamp (or control amp) and P-880 power amp in January 2023.

Post by Bryan C.