William cheated on Kate while she was pregnant?

It has been rumored for several years that Prince William is not such an exemplary husband and that he is cheating on Duchess Kate.

Jan 2, 2022 - 02:49
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William cheated on Kate while she was pregnant?

The marriage of Prince William and Duchess Kate looks idyllic today, but the truth is that the beginning was not so fabulous.

The future British heir to the throne initially refused to give up his friendship with ex-girlfriend Jecca Craig, who was a big thorn in Kate's side, and the prince once loved to party too much, which is why he broke up with his current wife.

After the couple got married in 2011 and seemed to be living a real marital idyll, stories started again about William cheating on his wife. First, it was rumored that his mistress was Jecca, and then another name appeared, that of the former model and marquise of Cholmondeley, 37-year-old Rose Hanbury, who is also a close friend of the Duchess.

Recall, in 2019, the British media wrote that the Duke knelt before the charms of two years younger Rose Hanbury while Kate was pregnant with their third child, Prince Louis. The duchess was then reportedly desperate for the fact that the news would one day be read by her children, and the couple barely managed to save their marriage. Also, the Marquise was divorcing her husband at the time which further fueled rumors.

William quickly threatened all the tabloids with a lawsuit if they spread rumors, but Twitter failed to silence the community. Now, two years later, some ‘old wounds’ have reopened.

Under the hashtag 'Prince William affair', social media users are once again reminded of the story and believe that everything is well covered up, but that where there is smoke, there is fire.


Mention is also made of the moment when Kate fired a longtime co-worker after returning from her honeymoon because she allegedly ‘covered’ William in lies.

William and Kate, as well as Rose and her husband, never spoke publicly about these rumors and they eventually calmed down. Some British media wrote that Kate never went over these rumors and that she was not happy that William still wants to hang out with the Marquis with whom she was once close.

However, Kate and Rose were seen together several times after rumors like this started. In early 2020, both ladies and their husbands were at a church in Sandringham, and a little earlier Rose was filmed at a royal banquet held in honor of Trump’s visit to the UK, sitting not far from William and Kate on that occasion.