Winona Ryder: The truth about breakup

The actress says she owes her mental recovery to her 'amazing therapist'

Jun 29, 2022 - 16:57
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Winona Ryder: The truth about breakup

Actress Winona Ryder opened her soul in one of her last interviews when she told what anxieties and psychological phases she was going through. It all started with the breakup with Johnny Depp, which happened in the early nineties. As she pointed out for 'Harper's Bazaar', her life at the time was "darker than anyone knew".

It was my ‘Interrupted Youth’ in real life” - the actress admitted linking her experience to a film about a young woman being treated in a psychiatric hospital, and then referred to the film ‘The House of Spirits’ in which she played a woman tortured in a Chilean prison.

“I would look at those fake bruises and scars on my face and think, 'Would you treat that girl the way you treat yourself now?' I just didn't take care of myself enough” - said the actress and revealed that she was very helped by the support of her colleague Michelle Pfeiffer, who, as she says, constantly reminded her that 'everything that is confusing about reality will fade over time and life will return to become normal '.

Winona admits that she owes her mental recovery to an ‘amazing therapist’ who encouraged her to be gentle with the younger version of herself.

Let us remind you that Winona Ryder recently commented on the trial of Amber Heard and Johnny Depp when she pointed out that she clearly doubts the allegations about his alleged violence.

I am aware that Amber Heard has often appeared in public in the last few years and accused Depp of domestic violence, but from my experience with Johnny, I can't connect it with him in any way. I don't want to call anyone a liar, but I don't believe that those terrible accusations against him are true. It upsets me a lot because I know him well and I only know him as a good and caring, attentive guy who is very protective of those he loves” - Ryder said earlier.

Post by: Rinna James