Worst diets that you should avoid!

Doctors claim that women should be careful because of more stored fat in their body, and three diets are singled out as the worst.

Worst diets that you should avoid!

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How to get rid of excess weight is a question that many ask themselves, especially before the summer, and the answer to this varies depending on whether it is men or women. Namely, a woman's body has several times more stored fat, and doctors point out that they are necessary for their health.

'On average, a man has about three percent of essential fats in his body and as much as 12 percent is in a woman's body,' says Kiran Rukdikar, a specialist in obesity and weight loss.

'These fats are important for protecting our vital organs, they provide insulation, store vitamins and produce some key cells such as steroids. Without them, the body would not function properly and our immune and neurological systems would be compromised. They are extremely important for women during pregnancy and lactation, ' explained Rukdikar.

In his opinion, currently the most popular in the world, the keto diet, autophagy and GM diet are the worst diets for women. This is especially true for those who want to lose more than 15 or 20 pounds.

The amount of carbohydrates in the keto diet is drastically reduced. The body switches to ketones and uses fats as energy. A woman's body reacts with shock, and her metabolism resists fat loss which can cause hormonal changes and indigestion.

Autophagy means stopping taking any food for a certain number of hours (usually 16: 8). In the first few weeks, many women experience significant mood swings, fatigue, loss of energy, and extreme hunger. During the period when food is allowed, overeating occurs. Among the consequences of autophagy, a menstrual cycle disorder has been observed.

The GM diet has a seven-day plan, and one meal with soup is insisted on every day. In addition to exhaustion and headaches, nutritionists on women who follow the GM diet, notice that the lost weight is compensated extremely quickly.

Rukdikar points out balanced meals with carbohydrates, proteins and fats with reduced caloric value as the best diet. If you take care of regular rest and physical activity, you will lose weight permanently.