Zack Snyder expresses his gratitude to Netflix!

Recently, Zack Snyder talked about his new Netflix movie being released in theaters.

Zack Snyder expresses his gratitude to Netflix!

Photo Credits: Mike Coppola | GETTY IMAGES

It has always been known that Netflix and the theatrical industry have had a troubling relationship however, during recent years it has become considerably better.

The big problem was that the independent cinemas were scared that the streaming service would rob them of their jobs.

Recently, Zach Snyder’s upcoming movie “Army of the dead” took the biggest step yet, meaning that the zombie action movie will have its premiere in over 600 theaters starting tomorrow.

Now, this represents such a big deal because this is the widest release to date for a Netflix original movie, and it will also premiere in theaters 7 days before it premieres on the streaming service.

This could be a genius way of getting Snyder's loyal and dedicated fans to provide a helping hand to a struggling industry.

After the release of Justice League on HBO MAX people are more than ever excited about Snyder's new feature and will without a doubt be going out to see it on a big screen a week early.

Snyder expressed his amazement and gratitude to Netflix because the platform isn't obligated to play any of its content in theaters.

In order for a film to be qualified for an Academy Award, the condition used to be that it had a limited theatrical release.

However since the pandemic started the criteria changed, and now Netflix holds two best picture nominations and the features have never even been released in the theaters.

Therefore Army of the dead clearly represents an olive branch being extended to help the industry get back on its feet.

By: Nitza - Gossip Whispers