Blackberry wine and its benefits

Blackberry wine is often used as a natural medicine to treat many diseases

Aug 2, 2022 - 04:51
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Blackberry wine and its benefits
It sounds like a stereotype when it is said that blackberry wine has been known as a medicine since ancient times, but it is a fact. Because the organism of a pregnant woman, a nursing mother, a child, an organism weakened after illness or hard work, cries out for the help of blackberry wine.
What does blackberry wine do?
Blackberry wine works well on skin diseases such as rashes, and thanks to vitamin C, minerals, and iron, you can say goodbye to dizziness and fatigue. Blackberry wine contains acids, similar in effect to stomach acid, which help in the digestion of food, especially proteins. Quercetin, an ingredient of this wine, defeats cancer cells, together with other flavonoids, which blackberry wine contains, and reduces the risk of breast and cervical cancer. 
Flavonoids protect the body from free radicals. Monoflavonoids such as resveratrol are also antioxidants, they are the ones that lower bad cholesterol, prevent damage to blood vessels, and protect the body from weight gain and diabetes. It is claimed that resveratrol prevents the clogging of blood vessels by 50%, thereby reducing the risk of a heart attack. The procyanidins that blackberry wine contains are extremely good in the fight against heart diseases.
The recipe for blackberry wine is extremely simple:
•   5 kg blackberry
• 1.5 kg of sugar
Wash the blackberries, put them in a large container and mash them well with your hands, then add sugar. The container should not be filled to the top due to boiling. Cover it with cheesecloth and put it in a cool place for a week. The thickening that appears on top should be removed with a spoon, and the wine should be strained through a cheesecloth.
Pour it into a container and leave it for another week. Then carefully strain it from the sediment and pour it into bottles. Connect them with cheesecloth, and put the cap on only after a month (provided you don't drink it until then). Drink in the morning on an empty stomach or in the evening before going to bed. For medicinal purposes, a dose of 0.5 to 1 dl is sufficient.
Post by: Rinna James